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Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF)

A Positive Dental Experience

Unfortunately, tooth decay is the most common preventable childhood disease. Traditional methods of treating minor cavities in primary (baby) teeth typically involve drilling out the affected area and using various materials to fill the cavity. Even with the gentlest of care, some level of pain or discomfort may be experienced. Our office seeks to provide conservative and gentle treatment wherever possible, and silver Diamine Flouride (SDF) allows us to do this.

What is SDF Treatment?

SDF is a blue antimicrobial liquid used to fight tooth cavities in children. This liquid contains fluoride and silver ions, and when it’s brushed onto cavities, it kills bacteria, stopping tooth decay. SDF is FDA approved.

Why SDF?

While there are other methods of treating cavities in children, SDF is preferable because it is a quick and easy process that involves no pain or discomfort as there’s no need for the injection of an anesthetic. For over 80% of smaller cavities, we encounter, SDF is the only treatment required. For larger cavities in younger children, SDF keeps cavities from progressing until other treatment options may be considered that would offer more permanent results. Finally, SDF helps to remineralize the natural tooth structure.

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How is The Treatment Performed?

The entire process does not exceed two minutes in our rooms. One of our experienced staff members uses a brush dipped in SDF to paint the cavity. The silver in the liquid then gets to work, killing all the bacteria present, while the fluoride works to remineralize the tooth.

Important Notes

We work with your best interests in mind and ask that you inform us if your child has any of the following to help us make an informed decision about their treatment: sores or ulcers in their mouth, silver allergy, any other health conditions

Why Happy Campers for SDF?

With our silver diamine fluoride treatment, we can treat your child with no discomfort or pain – providing the most positive dental experience possible. After SDF treatment, we will work with you on a plan for maintaining your child’s oral health to prevent more cavities from forming. Call or schedule an appointment today to start your journey to positive oral health for your child or children!