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Conservative Treatments

Conservative Treatment

A Positive Dental Experience

Our priority is to make your child feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible. One way to achieve this is to use conservative, minimally invasive techniques whenever appropriate.

Traditional treatment of a cavity involves numbing the tooth, removing decay, and placing material to restore the tooth. This process can be difficult for some children to tolerate. However, there are other approaches available to address many cavities. Two such options are the Hall Crown Technique and Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF).

Happy Campers Uses The Hall Technique

The Hall technique requires no anesthetic or removal of decay. This procedure involves placing a Stainless-Steel crown over your child’s tooth to seal the cavity off. Even though the cavity isn’t removed, the crown will prevent the cavity from growing any larger and will preserve the tooth until it falls out naturally. The Hall technique has been shown to be as effective as traditional treatment, and it can be much easier for children to tolerate than conventional treatment.

The Hall technique will only work if your child’s cavity is caught in the early stages, so regular preventative checkups are always recommended.  In the event of a larger cavity, it may be best for your son or daughter to undergo conventional treatment. The Hall technique is not possible in every situation, so we recommend speaking to your child’s dentist to see which treatment is best.

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Happy Campers offers SDF Treatment

SDF is a blue antimicrobial liquid used to fight tooth cavities. This liquid contains fluoride and silver ions, and when it’s brushed onto cavities, it kills bacteria, and can stop the tooth from decaying further.  SDF can be a great option because it is quick and easy to apply, and the process involves no pain or discomfort.   Many times, SDF is the only treatment required in baby teeth.  In other situations, it can buy time until a child is a little older and can better tolerate traditional treatment.

For SDF treatment to have the highest chance of success, diet and homecare recommendations should be followed.  After SDF treatment, you can expect to see the cavity turn a dark black color which is one sign it has been effective.  From there we will work with you on a plan for maintaining your child’s oral health to prevent more cavities from forming. Call or schedule an appointment today to start your journey to positive oral health for your child or children!